The Preaching Project is a teaching and mentoring ministry that promotes preaching excellence and effective leadership.


Equipping Ministers to Restore Community


The Preaching Project is a ministry organization founded in 2011.  Inspired by a Christ-centered vision to equip ministers with preaching resources to enrich their preaching life and the communities where they serve, Rev. Dr. Kenyatta R. Gilbert, its founding director, designed an online teaching and learning platform dedicated to clerical and scholarly collaboration.

Project Objectives

The Preaching Project pursues its aim of promoting preaching excellence and effective leadership for the wellness of African American churches and communities through:

  • providing theological and practical guidance for Christian preaching 
  • fostering intergenerational dialogue within a respectful and theologically diverse community of peers
  • devising useful preaching strategies to address the myriad crisis points affecting the health of African American “villages
  • nurturing the preaching life of ministers serving African American churches and communities, with life-affirming spiritual, intellectual, and material resources. 


What this Project is and is not.

The Preaching Project ministry organization is not a fraternity or sorority but a forum of colleagues and collaborators who embrace Christian humility, intellectual curiosity, and devote themselves to forming and strengthening mentoring networks to confront injustice, repair lives, and cultivate hope.