In Memoriam

Quote: “The first concept related to an ethical ministry of missions is proclamation. Proclamation is logical movement from theological ethics to missions because it is the public symbolizing activity that holds in tension the demands of God-in-Christ on one side and the essential life sustaining needs of the people on the other in our effort to ascertain decision-making norms and their corresponding social practices regarding who we are and what we do as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ.”

– Cannon, Homecoming in the Hinterlands essay in Ethics that Matter.

Quote: “Christian theology is language about the liberating character of God’s presence in Jesus Christ as [God] calls [God’s] people into being for freedom in the world.”

“In doing this work…as preachers, theologians are proclaimers of the Word, the truth of Jesus Christ as the Liberator of the poor and the wretched of the land.”

– James H. Cone, God of the Oppressed (p. 8)

Quote: “If we’re going to die, if we’re looking at facing death, then let us go out trying to be the church.

We still work at the institutional maintenance, but if we’re facing death, let us face death with faith that our death is not the end of our life. And let us go out dying by doing that justice-making out in the community, and we will be faithful in doing it and trusting in God’s faithfulness to work with us.And if we die while we’re being faithful, our death is not the end of life.”