Mentor A Preacher

Are you interested in participating in M. A. P. ?

Mentor A Preacher (M.A.P.) provides ministry leaders and preachers an opportunity for mentorship and growth in spiritual and ministry practices.

How do I get started ?

Send us an email at: [email protected]

Tell us something about yourself and your level of preaching experience.

Share with us some of your preaching struggles (e.g. time management, selecting texts, congregational issues, sermon development, pulpit voice, long-windedness)

List some of your preaching goals.

Let us know of your willingness to invest in the vocational development of another preacher's life.

A Few Suggestions/Tips on Mutually Beneficial Mentoring


Have an honest conversation with an openness to mutual sharing.

“No preacher knows it all. If you do, this experiment is not for you.” Acknowledge this from the start!

Participate in an email exchange or some other way to connect.


Seek out ways to tutor.

An elder might share knowledge of Scripture and cultural history; the novice may provide tips in the ways of social networking and use of the latest technologies

Form and nurture a threefold prayer partnership.

 A threefold prayer partnership is ……

Invite younger ministers to your pulpit to practice their craft and hone their preaching skills.

M.A.P. has given me the opporunity  to…..

Senior Pastor

Mentor A Preacher has been an experience…

Preacher & Seminarian Student

Thanks to M.A.P. and my mentor I have been…