Preacher as Prophet

“A surrendered identity is…more deadly than lost identity…[because] you intentionally relinquish who you are, and you voluntarily sell out God’s divine ministry.”
Prathia Hall

Preacher as Sage

“Who is it that is supposed to articulate the longings and aspirations of the people more than the preacher?”

Martin L. King, Jr.

Preacher as Priest

“Surrender your inner consent to God–this is your sovereign right–this is your birthright privilege.”
Howard Thurman


Equipping Preachers to Restore Community

Visionary: Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Kenyatta Gilbert—son and grandson of Baptist preachers—knew he would chart his own distinctive course and find his vocational home in a courtroom practicing law one day. As it turns out, he did walk in their footsteps as preacher—but not without his own unique voice.

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The Preaching Project is a teaching and mentoring ministry that promotes preaching excellence and effective leadership.

Equipping Preachers to Restore Community 


Providing guidance • Fostering dialogue • Devising strategies • Nurturing preachers

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Luke A. Powery, Th.D.

Dean of the Chapel, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

The Journey and Promise of African American Preaching

“This book immerses readers in a sophisticated, multi-voiced soundtrack. Kenyatta Gilbert persuasively calls for ministers to preach in three voices—prophet, priest, and sage.”

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